As one of Southern California’s premier private health and wellness centers, UpRise Classical Pilates & Acupuncture in Santa Monica, CA, is committed to helping its clients change their bodies through the practices of Classical Pilates and Acupuncture. UpRise offers Pilates and Acupuncture programs that are individually tailored to physically transform each client into a more vibrant, healthier person. By customizing a Pilates and/or Acupuncture program to an individual, UpRise is able to target specific areas and health issues. Our services not only help sculpt the body into peak condition, but increase energy, beauty, and internal health. Our approach at UpRise is unique in that we are wholly focused on the combination of these two holistic modalities. The unique synergy of these two practices brings your health back into balance and helps you achieve renewed strength and vitality. Pilates and Acupuncture combined have restorative, transformative, and healing power that can change your life. In other words, once you begin one of our programs, you will look and feel amazing.