Kristen Matthews has established a presence and voice in the Pilates community over the past few years through her teaching classes and privates, as a teacher of teachers, and by contributing articles to health and wellness print and online magazines. She is known for creating fun yet challenging full body workouts while focusing on length and opposition, attention to detail, and the body mind connection.

After graduating from the University of Vermont, Kristen moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and began taking Pilates as a way to find relief from her own back injuries. Encouraged by her progress, she wanted to share Pilates with others. With Kristen’s movement background as a gymnast, diver, and dancer, Pilates seemed like a natural progression. Kristen received her 600-hour classical certification with Power Pilates in 2003 in NYC, where she studied under celebrated Bob Liekens and Susan Moran.

Kristen has continued to expand her knowledge of fitness and the body over the years. She studied anatomy for a semester with Irene Dowd, took a Thai massage course in Thailand, completed a 200-hour yoga training with James Brown, and got certified to teach The Booty Barre with Tracey Mallett. Most recently, Kristen completed the 360° Pilates immersion. This comprehensive continuing-education program, created by Benjamin Degenhardt, was designed to bridge the original concepts and teachings of Joseph Pilates with modern movement science.

Currently, Kristen is working her way through the AFS training program with The Grey Institute and the Precision Nutrition certification for sports nutrition. It’s important to Kristen that she is able to education people with their food choices because what you eat is just as important as exercise.

Kristen instructs the following:
  • Tower Class
  • The tower class is designed to incorporate classical Pilates mat exercises along with exercises on the tower (wall unit) for a unique and challenging workout. It’s an efficient way to experience the equipment. You will utilize leg springs, arm springs, the push through bar, and roll back bar to work all parts of your body. The springs will help you identify various muscles as well as provide additional support for a more effective workout. The tower also gives you added resistance for toning, lengthening, and strengthening of your muscles.