Annalee Traylor was first introduced to Pilates as a form of cross training for dancers during her time in high school at the North Carolina school of the Arts. She went on to receive her BFA with honors in dance performance from Point Park University and since, has been dancing professionally. She quickly found that fitness, in particular Pilates, Barre, and Yoga was a perfect complement to her lifestyle and decided to share her knowledge and passion for wellness with others. She became certified in Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2011 through Yoga Alliance and in 2013, she was certified in Tracy Mallet's "The Booty Barre". Since relocating to Los Angeles to expand her dance career, her interest in Pilates was reignited after teaching at a studio alongside classically trained Pilates instructors. Incredibly inspired by the detail and quality of the method and instruction, she decided to embark on the long, rigorous, yet extremely rewarding journey training through the prestigious Romanas Pilates.

Annalee instructs the following:
  • Tower Class/Reformer
  • This Tower/Reformer Class, consists of springs and the Pilates mat work, a combination that promotes core strength, muscle toning and overall mind/body coordination. During this 55-minute session, you will work your entire body through a variety of Classical Pilates movements that can be performed on the Tower and Reformer. **Note** - Pilates experience is recommended. Space is limited to 6 and reservations are recommended. Please call (310) 899-9591 or sign in and book online to reserve your spot in advance.

  • Tower Class

  • Tower Class
  • The tower class is designed to incorporate classical Pilates mat exercises along with exercises on the tower (wall unit) for a unique and challenging workout. It’s an efficient way to experience the equipment. You will utilize leg springs, arm springs, the push through bar, and roll back bar to work all parts of your body. The springs will help you identify various muscles as well as provide additional support for a more effective workout. The tower also gives you added resistance for toning, lengthening, and strengthening of your muscles.Classes are designed to take you to the intermediate level and beyond. At this point you should have knowledge of the equipment and springs to allow for a more challenging workout with flow.