Spring is my favorite season to renew and UpRise, hence the name of my business. It is the time to rise early with the birds and the sun, and regenenerate ourselves mentally and physically. Automatically, our bodies will want to eat less during this time, as well as detox and purge the impurities from the past year. The consumption of alcohol, drugs, greasy heavy food, etc. is an inclination to “spring clean” our bodies during this time. The liver and gallbladder are the organs associated with spring, it is these we want to detox and release the stagnant toxins, wether they be emotional toxins, or the unhealthy consumption of alcohol and food. On a emotional level, anger is associated with liver disharmony. When frustration, impatience, etc. are not resolved and suppressed, depression and mood swings can occur. On a physical level you can have a variety of heat induced symptoms, including heart disease. It is imperative to take this time to detox our bodies and get healthy to blossom and replenish ourselves.

Take the opportunity of the spring season to detox your body physically and mentally and get in optimum health.
Enjoy, and UpRise!