UpRise Classical Pilates Certification Program

Train with the best Pilates teachers in the industry to become a top-notch Classical Pilates instructor.

Our program was developed by an elite group of Pilates instructors who were certified by either Romana Kryzanowska and/or Power Pilates. It has been designed based on Classical training techniques and years of experience to give you the most comprehensive and knowledgeable program available today.

UpRise founder, Sheena Jongeneel, was certified in 1998 under the personal instruction of world famous Pilates heir Romana Kryzanowska in NYC. Since then she has continued to learn and study with master teachers all over the world. In 2012 Sheena bridged the Power Pilates certification program to further enhance and compare the pros and cons of Romana’s and Power Pilates’ certification programs. From this inner knowledge of both training programs, UpRise’s Classical Pilates teacher-trainer program was created. The program stays true to the work of Joseph Pilates as he intended it. His system and his order. But also adding the vocabulary, skills, intuition, and art that teachers need to develop to become outstanding instructors. These skills are crucial to guarantee retention of clients in the increasingly competitive Pilates industry. UpRise certified instructors will leave with an education they cannot achieve elsewhere. They will complete their certification with the skills to teach killer classical workouts tailored to their client’s needs that will keep their clients coming back for a lifetime. They will also learn to teach group classes and work with people with different ailments/injuries and those who need Pilates as rehab.

Mat 1 Certification

This is a beginner Mat certification and a prerequisite to attend the Apparatus Comprehensive, which includes the intermediate and advanced Mat.

The beginner Mat certification introduces the core exercises of the Mat work. This is a perfect prelude to learning the rest of the systems and education. In the beginner Mat weekend course you will start to learn how to teach Pilates and start the process of becoming a teacher. You’ll learn cues, techniques, form, and modifications for you and your client. There will be hands-on teaching during the weekend with a written and practical exam at the end of this course.

PROGRAM LENGTH: 3 days (16 hours)

Friday 4-8

Saturday 10-4 

Sunday 10-4

COST: $499

Comprehensive Apparatus Certification

The Comprehensive Apparatus certification is comprised of 4 weekend workshops spread out over 4 months. The weekends will begin with the first workshop consisting of all beginner exercises on the Mat and all Apparatus. The second weekend will start the intermediate exercises on the Mat and all Apparatus. In the third weekend you will continue to complete the intermediate systems and start learning how to work and modify exercises for clients with special circumstances (i.e. pregnancy, elderly, rehab, overweight, etc). In the fourth and final weekend you will learn all the advance work on the Mat and all Apparatus. We will also discuss the “art of becoming a teacher”. We will teach the art to retaining your client for a lifetime.

Each weekend will begin with a Mat workout taught by one of our teacher trainers or an apprentice. You will learn the appropriate exercises for that weekend by physically performing them and then teaching them to the others in the class. Each weekend will be very hands-on so that you will learn through experience.

COURSE REQUIREMENT: 25 private, duet, or group classes; and completion of beginner Mat certification.

APPRENTICESHIP & OBSERVATION HOURS: You will be required to continue your sessions during your apprenticeship and observation. At least one session per week. This is mandatory for your continued learning process.

600 hours of observation. This includes observation of any UpRise teacher, Romana certified teacher, or Power Pilates teacher. Teaching other apprentices, clients, friends and family are also applied to your observation hours, as are your continued sessions with a teacher.

EXAMS: There will be a 200, 400, and 600-hour exam both written and practical.

PROGRAM LENGTH: Four Comprehensive Weekends, each weekend comprised of the following.

Friday 2-8

Saturday 10-4

Sunday 10-4

COST: $4,999