UpRise Testimonials


I first started to see Sheena a few years ago for acupuncture. As an avid skateboard for over 25 years, she was helping treat the numerous repetitive injuries that are just a part of skateboarding. Her treatments helped me recover quicker, reduced pain and swelling, and helped me return to my passion much much faster then if I had not been receiving acupuncture treatments.

After years of acupuncture and some persistent problem areas that were continuously sore, and observing the Pilates studio and sessions, she convinced me to give it a try.

I have to admit I wasn't sure if it was going to be me, but after my first few classes I was convinced.

Pilates has helped me increase core strength, flexibility, and condition my body to better handle the daily abuse I subject it to through skateboarding.

Sheena, and all the instructors at Uprise are helpful and knowledgable. They are able to make the classes both challenging for the more experienced and accessible for the novice beginners.

Now as weekly regulars my wife and I enjoy every session at Uprise. The facility is state-of-the-art, clean, and inviting. I'd recommend Uprise for anyone looking to strengthen and condition their body.




UpRise Comprehensive Teacher Training program is absolutely life changing! I started taking group classes and privates at Uprise and felt more confident about my self athletically and my overall well-being. It was therapeutic for my mind, body and soul. I knew I would benefit highly at Uprise with the classically trained instructors, positive energy and encouraging atmosphere as a student. Sheena Jongeneel, the owner is highly talented, and I truly feel honored to be in her program.

Emily C.



When I moved to Santa Monica I looked very thoroughly for a Pilates studio that I could call home, and with many options available I'm so glad I found Uprise! Sheena got me addicted to working out as often as possible, and I have loved all of my instructors for group classes, including Kristen's Reformer/Barre and Jenn's Reformer/Tower sessions. Pilates at Uprise makes me look as great as it makes me feel, and having this studio as part of my life and routine brings me so much joy that I can't recommend it highly enough!

Taya W.


Kristen and Kate changed my life. I was able to bike from San Francisco to LA, (523 miles!!), because of the core work they taught me. I love them! They taught me to lean into the Joy of Pilates.



I am a triathlete, so overall body strengthening is a critical function not only to my performance but to my health and to help me stay injury free. I have been training with all the great coaches at Uprise Pilates studio in Santa Monica for a year now about three or four times per week. I feel tremendous improvement in my core and over all strength in addition to much more flexibility. This is breakthrough for me!

Chris R.


I love Uprise, it is a beautiful studio. I've worked out at other Pilates studios in L.A. and Santa Monica and I can honestly say that this is the most calming, peaceful, and beautiful space. I've been a client of Sheena's for many years and she is by far the best instructor I've ever worked with. She is extremely motivating, with the goal of giving the client the best workout possible, not to mention a body that I never knew I could have! Sheena works hard to run the studio in the most professional manner, which I appreciate. I would highly recommend Uprise Classical Pilates and Acupuncture.

Abby P.


I've taken Pilates in New York, DC, and LA. UpRise is the real deal. I took Pilates classes at another LA gym once, and the machines were tacky and the instructor did not know how to look at your body and make you better. The difference at UpRise is night and day. The machines are top notch and Sheena, as an instructor, has an eagle eye at spotting what your body, arms, and legs are doing, and she can correct the slightest of wrong positions by telling you exactly how to move in a way that makes sense. In the end you get a rocking workout. Sheena is tough, motivating, and a wonderful person to be around. I'm very grateful that she's kept me in shape for so long. She needs to open a studio in DC and NY!



I highly recommend taking the Classical Pilates certification course at Uprise pilates. The teachers are inspiring, supportive and are successful in the fitness industry. Sheena has over 16 years of experience and was taught by Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates disciple), and Joseph Greco also classically trained through Romana has a thourough approach to teaching that is very helpful to become a well trained teacher. They demonstrate that they really care, not only about your about your education but also your success in the business.I am having such fun and super excited to complete my certification!!

Nadia G.