The UpRise Story

Uprise is a uniquely integrated wellness center born out of the passion and belief in the prolific benefits of Pilates and Acupuncture. Co-founder and president, Sheena Jongeneel L.Ac., has dedicated her career to enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of her clients, and has spent over a decade perfecting the Uprise multi-dimensional strengthening program.

Co-Founder and President, Sheena Jongeneel

After suffering a serious knee injury of her own and resistant to the idea of undergoing surgery, Sheena was encouraged to pursue Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.  During this time, Sheena also began studyin g the art of Acupuncture after receiving Acupuncture treatment for a strained neck.  Through her own personal experiences with injury, Sheena was able to utilize the unique grouping of Pilates and Acupuncture as a means of offering her clients better recuperation and strengthening from a plethora of physical problems. 

Largely considered one of the most valuable forms of body and mind conditioning, Pilate’s uses specialized equipment to elongate the spine to its natural posture, building lean muscle and increasing flexibility with minimal impact on joints.  It is an unparalleled form of exercise in that it is effective on a multidimensional level. 

A holistic approach to medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years, Acupuncture is a medical tool used to treat and prevent illness by augmenting the body’s natural immune response. It increases endorphins, and ups serotonin and dopamine levels, which relieve pain and help with the recovery of motor functions.  All the while, inflammation in the body is decreased through the release of B-endorphins.  When paired with fitness, Acupuncture returns the body to a natural and healthy equilibrium.  A practice that is used in the ongoing support of overall health, Acupuncture is proactive as opposed to being reactive.  It is long believed to restore the necessary balance of energy between mind and body, and is considered one of the most natural ways to bring the body back to homeostasis. 

Sheena believes in the power of combining Pilates and Acupuncture as the optimal method of reaching the peak of both health and fitness for her clients.  This unrivaled combination is revolutionary as it offers clients powerful ways to get into shape, achieve prime physical condition, and serves as an alternative approach to rehabbing injuries of all kinds.  The cornerstone of Sheena’s niche rests solidly in her ability to combine the arts of Acupuncture and Pilates and offer the two in one studio. 

Uprise is also a modern day pioneer in that it is the only studio in LA to integrate The Tower into its façade.  The Tower consists of springs, Pilates mat work, and resisted bars.  It is a method that promotes muscle toning, core strengthening, and coordination of mind and body.  Designed to work the entire body, The Tower utilizes various movements that sculpt the entire body. 

Uprise is marginally unlike that of any other studio.  It is where Acupuncture and Pilates co-exist harmoniously, and it takes a distinct approach to achieving the upmost physiological and psychological vigor.